Travelogue with the camper to Crete

 We have decided to go by boat from Ancona to Igoumenitsa Sept. 7 through Italy ferry tickets we have arranged in advance with worldwide ferries in Rotterdam also tickets from Piraeus to Heraklion vv As above we left 7 September at 4:00 pm via Germany and at the border with Switzerland Basel and Chiasso on the border to Italy, in Milan at 19:00 we drove to the camp which is 4 km away from Milan's ring. The other morning at 08.00 we are again left for Ancona where we arrived at 14:00 and at 18:30 boarded to Igoumenitsa where we arrived at 10.00.
At 11:00, we went to Pyreas where we arrived at 17.00 to there by boat at 22:00 to leave to Heraklion.
As we arrived 10 September at 06:00 hours.
We first drove to the beach of Elefonisi in z.w. of Crete where we wanted to stay, but the place was not really fresh so we drove to the beach where we spent the day. In the afternoon we departed there again and then go a nice little campsite Nopigia in Kissamos with pool and sheltered places it was clean.
Here we have been two days. Then to Ghania camping hania good and clean campsite with pool restaurant and small shop pool bar with entertainment .
Here we have also been two days .
We went there to the old town of Ghania by bus what a beautiful city in Venetian style is and many small streets where you can eat . Tasty too 
The bus stops 200 meters away near the campsite and costs 1.10 euros one way , bus ticket on the campsite for sale . ( Cheaper than the bus ) .
From here further to Rethymno camping elizabeth a clean campsite with restaurant ( people speak Dutch ) where you can have a good meel he is right on the beach , so bring your bed (free of caming ) and sunbathing.
Here we have also been (bus stops 200 meters away) At Rethymno by bus Rethymno is a beautiful city with many small streets and many souvenir shops and restaurants recommended.
Again stood 2 days.
Meanwhile it is Sundays so on to Mochlos a village along the route Agios Nicolaos - Sitia there is live music on Sundays at a small restaurant where we for years to come so we wanted to go . We have a delicious dinner there and stay up late with some drinks.
Unfortunately there is no camping so we stood on the square and we went to sleep 
very quiet .
in the morning we left there to camping caravan just outside Hersonissos nice but small campsite looks more of a parking lot .
Furthermore, there was a reasonable space for tents and nice bar and good restaurant right on the beach and within walking distance of Hersonissos
Here it was quite cozy nice owner we have also been here five days .
From here we are two days in hotel bleu marine Amadoura / Agios Nicolaos been mainly because our friends working there this is a 5 star hotel very good it is to book at sunweb and is an all inclusive hotel has a swimming pool bar mainbar fitness souna etc.etc .
Is a must .
The last two days we have been in Crete in Gouves Crete camping .
This is right on the beach nice and clean people are busy with new sanitary facilities , will be ready this year 2012 you can also eat cheap with ACSI discount 10 % .
Here we rented a car one day and drove through the Lasiti plateau and went to heraklion to visit . Our friend The other day in the evening we drove to Heraklion to catchthe boot back again So on the boat to pireas where we arrived at 07.00
From here we went to Igoumenitsa and still have two days camping elena beach nice to close out your camping trip in Greece is 10 km away from the port and the ferry to Ancona


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